Feared Beard - October News


What a summer. Just amazing in Burlington each year. But it's over, just forget about it. Don't look back. The leaves are starting to change, and from that, comes cooler weather. Scratch that, reverse it. 

We've also been busy this summer in R&D. We are getting ready to launch an all natural mustache wax for long lasting hold and conditioning. Next on the product menu is an all natural shampoo. Super gentle and is designed to be a two-in-one wash for both your beard and hair! Pretty cool for lazy guys like me. We also have sweeeeeet vinyl stickers and Feared Beard VT t-shirts getting crafted as I type.

I'd like to think that there are few things more important than brown liquor to get you through a cold winter. Maybe beards? I can guarantee that Beards are in the top 5 things to get through winter list. Probably a list of a good jacket, bourbon, boots, gloves, and definitely the last one is solid beard. Don't go pretending that people would put something stupid like a scarf in that list.

Now that we've cleared that up, seems to us here at Feared Beard VT, that you should grow a great beard this winter. This is where our handcrafted beard products come in. We utilize all natural cold pressed oils to make non-greasy and fast absorbing formulas. Try one of our oils when you want a deeply moisturizing and light-weight feel. Use a balm when you need some control and want to condition with Champlain Valley Apiaries beeswax and African shea butter. 

Point is, exciting things are happening here at Feared Beard VT.

Stay tuned and beard on,