Garden & Birds!

Soooo close to getting that garden down, but it seems like Vermont has one last night of close to freezing temps. Can't wait to get some veggies into the soil and make like the off the grid citizen I always pretend that I want to be.

We always get the most amazing birds in out backyard. I have a bird feeder attached to a pole, and it's great, but the squirrels devour the seeds every year. I figured out last weekend that you can put olive oil on the climbing surface and the squirells can't climb. It has worked incredibly well. I used to have to refill every few days, but its been over a week, and the supply is still pretty close to the top!

Also have this amazing bird's nest in our backyard.


Hello summer! Thanks for finally showing up. I was skiing last weekend, and now we are planting our garden. Confusing and awesome at the same time.

Summers always kind of slow here at Feared Beard, because people, for some odd reason, decide to shave off their epic beards. So we've done some new developing over the past few months including a new premium beard oil called Draugr's Reserve, and our world famous cardamom and spearmint lip balm. 


Both are 100% natural and are scented with our own essential oil blends. Try them, you wont be disappointed! 


Entry 4 - Soap Making 101

Greetings Class,

First, I want to say that you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. 

I'll be your guide as we travel through the amazing and complex world of soap making! It takes a bit of chemistry, a bit of cooking, and a bit of creativity to make a luxurious bar of soap. Since I am decently talented at all of those requirements, I figured, why not? Let's make the world smell. Good, that is. 

So first off, what is soap? Well class, I'm glad you asked. Soap is a substance used with water for cleansing, generally made from the combination of natural oils or fats with sodium hydroxide or another strong alkali. So in Fight Club's case, they used human fat as their fat or oil. Unfortunately, that's generally frowned upon, so i opted for a blend of RSPO Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil and Beeswax. It's no human lard, but it definitely does the trick.

It's about to get sci-ency, so hold on tight. 

To make the soap, we melted all the solids (palm, coconut, and beeswax), added the liquid oils (almond and castor) and put that aside to cool to about 120F. At the same time, we dissolved sodium hydroxide flakes into water (always sodium hydroxide added to water, as the other way could result in a massively bad reaction), and allowed that to also cool to about 120F. Once everything was all cooled and dissolved, we added them together and pulsed with a hand blender until the mixture began to "trace", which is just a fancy word for the beginning of the reaction. It basically looks like a thin pudding consistency starts to form. Then add your fragrance, in this case we made a Coffee, Vetiver, and Bergamot blend, which smells amazing. (Thanks Lauren for the Bergamot idea, it brightened the whole blend and made the coffee pop!)

We then split the batch into two, adding colloidal oatmeal to one batch, and Heart Coffee grinds (their coffee is absolutely amazing) to the other, to swirl the two formulas together. Add a little of one, a little of the other, and so on and so forth. Then take a chop stick and swirl the mix around and let it setup overnight. I'm still working on getting the blending aspect, but it was my first time so lay off. After 24hrs we pulled the log out of its mold, and cut the bars to size. They came out really nice, and performance is pretty great. I'll be working on these a bit more, and adding them to our site for sale. So I guess we are making soap now, which is cool if you like to not be a stinker. Check out our pics above and share our blog! Comment below and I'll be sure to answer any questions!!!


Blog - Entry 3

Hello party people.

Happy July. I've decided that I suck at blogging. I never have the patience, and honestly, I'm not that interesting. I've got lots of stuff to say, but I was told on many occasions that if I don't have anything nice to say, I shouldn't say anything at all, so I mostly just sit silently like a real creeper. 

 I have decided however, that I'm going to give it a shot. Despite the cause for concern this may raise with anyone who stumbles upon this sham of a captain's log, I frankly don't give a flying poop. Poop. There. I said it again. Go ahead, comment about my filthy mouth. It's like a sailor who also drives a truck and has tourette's syndrome.

So what will I be talking about in these blog posts? Man idk, lay off the questions. Really, I just don't know. It's going to be an adventure. I do a lot of cooking, gardening, prototyping, and house-projects, so you might see a few food recipes, but probably just pictures of me drinking heady toppers in my kiddie pool next to the garden.

Don't judge me America. I'm specifically speaking to America Sierra, not America in general. You guys can go ahead and judge me.

It's been nice talking to myself, and I hope ya'll come back real soon.


Happy Holidays

Well it's official. Christmas has once again reared its holly jolly bearded face. Only this year, where da snow at? Feared beard staff members enjoy a solid dose of fluffy white pow pow this time of year, but alas we are stuck with rain and mud for now. Not that I want to bust the snow shovel out in Burlington, but I'd love to see some accumulation in the hills. Thanks Obama for that side of global warming I got in my stocking this year. 

But beards must go on. One must not be steered by the lack of winter upon us. It will come. Will you be prepared to face the elements? Will your face be equipped with a built in scarf as the Flying Spaghetti Monster had intended? The choice is yours. 

Happy holidays from all of us at Feared Beard. Stay cool and beard on.


Feared Beard - October News


What a summer. Just amazing in Burlington each year. But it's over, just forget about it. Don't look back. The leaves are starting to change, and from that, comes cooler weather. Scratch that, reverse it. 

We've also been busy this summer in R&D. We are getting ready to launch an all natural mustache wax for long lasting hold and conditioning. Next on the product menu is an all natural shampoo. Super gentle and is designed to be a two-in-one wash for both your beard and hair! Pretty cool for lazy guys like me. We also have sweeeeeet vinyl stickers and Feared Beard VT t-shirts getting crafted as I type.

I'd like to think that there are few things more important than brown liquor to get you through a cold winter. Maybe beards? I can guarantee that Beards are in the top 5 things to get through winter list. Probably a list of a good jacket, bourbon, boots, gloves, and definitely the last one is solid beard. Don't go pretending that people would put something stupid like a scarf in that list.

Now that we've cleared that up, seems to us here at Feared Beard VT, that you should grow a great beard this winter. This is where our handcrafted beard products come in. We utilize all natural cold pressed oils to make non-greasy and fast absorbing formulas. Try one of our oils when you want a deeply moisturizing and light-weight feel. Use a balm when you need some control and want to condition with Champlain Valley Apiaries beeswax and African shea butter. 

Point is, exciting things are happening here at Feared Beard VT.

Stay tuned and beard on,